Vectoraster 7.4.4 macOS

Vectoraster 7.4.4 macOS


Vectoraster is the utility of plan for making vector-based raster models and halftones reliant on pictures or edges. The raster models and point shapes can be changed and varied over the guide to make a wide scope of styles. The ensuing raster is constantly showing up, reviving consistently as you change parameters.

The outcome can then effectively be traded as vectors to EPS or PDF records, like pictures to JPEG, PNG or TIFF, or just reordered into most designs programming.



▪ Many diverse point shape types, including circles, polygons, text style characters and imported custom vector shapes or pictures.

▪ Detailed control of how you need point shape, change and shading to differ over the raster.

▪ Base how the raster focuses fluctuate on source pictures, inclinations you characterize live in Vectoraster, or a blend.

▪ Advanced line raster mode with lines of changing width rather than focuses.


▪ Many diverse raster designs with nitty-gritty control of how the focuses are set.

▪ Easily pivot and balance the raster example, and include different distortions like waves and winds.


▪ Copy raster yield and glue it straight into most vector designs programming.

▪ File fare to EPS and PDF for vector yield, and JPEG, PNG and TIFF for the bitmap.

▪ Export point information (area and size) to a CSV record for further CAD or another handling.

Vectoraster 7.4.4 macOS


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