iNet Network Scanner 2.7.4 macOS

iNet Network Scanner 2.7.4 macOS

iNet Network Scanner macOS

iNet Network Scanner macOS explore your network! iNet Network Scanner Find out about security risks and keep your network under control. This easy to use App outlines a computer network even to the unexperienced user. Is somebody using your network without your knowledge? Which devices are currently online? Which access ports are open?

iNet Network Scanner macOS Which services are offered? What is the IP of your router? What is the IP of your router? Wake sleeping devices remotely. Add own icons to found devices …
iNet provides you with information about networks and devices your Mac is connected to. Its very easy and user friendly design even allows the unexperienced user to get a profound and understandable overview of a network, the running services and the Wi-Fi quality.

iNet Network Scanner macOS is a practical and easy-to-use network scanner that enables you to view detailed information about the devices and the networks to which you Mac is connected to.

Streamlined and user-friendly Wi-Fi network scanning and analyzing tool

iNet Network Scanner macOS Moreover, iNet features a user-friendly interface from which you can quickly start the scanning process and browse through the list of discovered devices or services. Thus, you can have an overview of your network, analyze the quality and the strength of the Wi-Fi signal.

iNet Network Scanner macOS The far left panel helps you access the Network Scanner, Bonjour Browser, Airport Monitor and Wake on Lan tabs. The Network Scanner helps you view all online devices that are connected to your network along with the IP, MAC address and vendor.

What is more, you can assign custom names and icons by choosing the desired icon from the predefined list. iNet is also capable to display the original icon for most Apple devices.

Helps you to quickly find and list Bonjour domains and services on your network

By accessing the Bonjour Monitor tab, you ca view a list with all active Bonjour services on various Bonjour domains and obtain detailed information about each service. From the Airport Monitor tab you can check the current status of Apple Airport base stations such as Airport express or Time Capsule.

The Wi-Fi clients panel helps you monitor the network traffic, view all connected clients and check the signal strength along with the noise level, S/N ration and maximum transfer rate.

Unfortunately, iNet cannot provide usage statistics and Wi-Fi signal strength for the latest 2013 Airport edition with 802.11ac.

Reliable and smooth running network scanner for the Mac

Another useful feature can be found under the Wake on Lan tab. As expected, you will be able to remotely wake various devices via the local network or Internet. Additionally, you can put your devices to sleep, shutdown or restart them and send commands via ssh to various devices.

All in all, iNet is a versatile and intuitive utility that enables both expert and novice users to view and understand information about their network and all devices connected to it.

iNet Network Scanner macOS in the current version the following functions are available:

• Network Scanner
• Bonjour Browser
• Portscan for standard ports
• Airport Monitor*
• Wake on Lan
• Help section

iNet Network Scanner macOS Supported Operation Systems:

macOS 10.8 or later 64-bit


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